#038 Self Talk for An Abundant Mindset & To Earn More | Kat Hill | Audio Thoughts Podcast

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Kat is an international osteopath, yoga teacher and mindset coach; graduating from Oxford Brookes University in 2011. She fell in love with osteopathy after having various dance injuries and seeing the rewarding results of osteopathic treatment. After training as an osteopath Kat continued her education and acquired her PGcE Ace in higher education and has taught as a lecturer on the Osteopathy degree at Swansea University and has also worked as a lecturer in Health and Social care at Gloucestershire College. She also runs CPD events for other osteopaths- specialising in the effect of stress and anxiety on the body.

Kat values mental health and its role in our everyday life and patients’ recovery and has completed her coaching and nlp practitioner qualification so that she is able to reach people on that deeper level to support them with their goals and help them become aware of their limiting beliefs that are preventing them from excelling. Learn about how limiting beliefs will hold you back in your life, having an abundant mindset will leave you feeling more optimistic along with breathing techniques you can use instantly to improve your life and mood instantly.

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