Mastery Happens by Showing Up

Mastery doesn’t happen in big bounds and leaps, it doesn’t come from an audacious achievement. No Mastery happens by showing up, it happens by taking small continuous steps forward or as the author Stephen Pressfield says in The War of Art:

“It’s not the writting part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write”  

But he did this…

The influx of content that displays huge success stories does absolutely nothing to support this, we see the top of the hypothetical iceberg of all these hugely successful individuals but we fail to notice or even consider the Bummock (bottom of the iceberg which is aptly named) of all this or the countless hours that would have been needed to achieve all the amazing things that they do. 

Just show up

Show up every day is the real work and the ultimate way to true mastery.

What is showing up?

Showing up is the deep focused work where you’re sitting down doing the task at hand that you’ve set out and repeating this over and over. 

Think of it like building a Lego set, everyone who enjoys lego really enjoys the actual process of building your potential creation and literally putting one block on top of another block and repeating. Yes, the end product is nice but the real work and enjoyment come from sitting down and repeating the process of placing one block on top of another. 

3 Easy steps to mastery.

See the benefits of sitting down to do the work

Derive enjoyment from the small seemingly insignificant tasks that ultimately add up to reveal huge leaps forward. 

Don’t look up 

Comparison can be the death of motivation believe in what it is that you are doing and don’t compare yourself or your situation to others. 

Ask yourself this: Does it feel right?

Ask yourself this question periodically, are you working towards your NorthStar and does what you are doing feel right at this moment? 


Ultimately this is acting as a reminder to myself to sit down and do the work that is involved, but if you have found reading this useful, I am glad you’ve enjoyed it. 

Please take the time to read some more if your interest takes you.

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