Make Time for the Important Things…

Make Time – Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

The closed-door is your way of telling the world and yourself that you mean business.

– Stephen King

Read Time:

7 Days 



Book Build:

I liked how strong this book felt the pages where strong.

Key Takeaway: 

You are in control of your time, but you need to understand that our lives have been designed to take us away from that and technology, other people and our mental chatter will stop us from doing what we want to be doing. Stop waiting for someday and do it today.

Who would benefit from reading this book: 

Everyone and busy people – too many people have the excuse that they are ‘too busy’ you make time and this book proves it.

What I liked about the book: 

I liked how the book was broken down into really bite-sized examples of things to do to make time in your life and that how different things will work for different people and they give clear examples of this in the book as it is written by 2 authors.

What I disliked about the book: 

Didn’t really have anything that I disliked about this book, seemed really down to earth.

Would I recommend this book: 

Yes – just read it.

Favourite Quote: 

The closed-door is your way of telling the world and yourself that you mean business – Stephen King.

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