Using a positive No to get to Yes.

The Power Of a Positive No – William Ury Ph.D.

Meet resistance with persistence

William Ury Ph.D.

Read Time:

5 Days 



Book Build:

Felt ok and like a normal book not cheap but not high quality. 

Key Takeaway: 

When you have to say No. which we do a lot in all aspects of our life, then you can use a positive No. Framing it as Yes, No, Yes start with seeing no as – creation, preservation and transformation. If you learn how to say No skillfully and wisely you can create what you want, protect what you value and change what doesn’t work. 

Who would benefit from reading this book: 

Everyone would benefit from reading this book. Specifically looking to parents and managers and a key target for examples. We all have to say and deserve to say no when we feel like it meets our needs. 

What I liked about the book: 

I liked how this book gave clear examples of why saying no is important to your beliefs and wellbeing. The author also gave clear examples of the kind of pushbacks you might get from saying No. it also gave practices that you can implement to easily get to your No. which in turn allows you to focus on the stuff that matters. The book flowed really nicely. 

What I disliked about the book: 

Mentioned Gandhi and Mandella too many times – finds some more examples! 

Would I recommend this book: 

Yes absolutely, fantastic little book and I feel that I will be gifting this book a lot. 

Favourite Quote: 

Meet resistance with persistence – William Ury Ph.D.

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