I hope no one reads this…

A blog is something that I have always wanted to start and maintain however, writing and spelling specifically haven’t been my strongest skills throughout my life…

I recall a time when I wrote ‘Dr How’ instead of ‘Dr Who’ at the age of 9 for a game of charades to the amusement of my parents’ friends but a huge embarrassment to me, one which I still recall to this day.

What is the purpose of this blog then?

What is the purpose of building and writing a blog if it isn’t something that you’re good at or don’t necessarily enjoy?

Exactly that! It is something that I am not good at, I can now use this as an opportunity to develop my writing skills, put my thoughts out into the world via another medium and use it as an internal reflection. Please don’t read this.

Why learn to write…

Writing is dead, the age of video, audio plus what ever new technology comes along next is where you should be focusing your attention.

For me over the last two years, reading has hands down had the biggest impact on my life, development and well-being, which I think if done well (writing) can impact people in a way other mediums can’t.

One of my lifetime goals is to write a book. I want to be able to offer other people the thing I feel it is that books offer me. The distance between me achieving that goal is far, but I know that by writing this blog I can take the first step on a long path towards getting there.

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